Why Credit Reports Are Important

Did you know over 40 million Americans have damaging errors on their credit reports? Those errors can cause you to be denied for a car, home, employment or promotion at work. Additionally, if you are approved you would have to pay thousands more on an auto loan and home loan than someone with good credit

We aid in repairing or removing:
  • Late Payments
  • Medical Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Evictions
  • Charge-Offs And Much More…”

What You Get With Pivotal Credit Solutions

We are board certified credit repair specialists that personally strive to helping members of the community achieve better purchasing power by improving your credit scores. If you have a better credit score you could potentially have a better interest rate, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest on a home loan and hundreds of dollars in interest on car payments and credit cards.

Quick Results

You know the term “Haste makes waste”? Well, not in this case. We don’t drag our feet and extend the process like other companies do to make a profit. We are living in a fast paced world and why should your credit repair process be any different. We immediately get to work, so you can start making plans for that dream home, car, or promotion at work.

No Surprises

No one likes surprises when it’s relating to finances. That is why there are no additional or hidden fees EVER! Companies who market themselves with “No upfront fees or costs” make it up elsewhere by tacking on miscellaneous fees and charges. Here at Pivotal Credit Repair, the price see is the price you pay.

24/7 Support and Access

Have a question? Simply, message us anytime via email, one of our social media platforms, or through your secure personal online portal where you can access and view your results and status at any time.

Discounts and Special Pricing

Thank You to all who have served our country, currently serving and those who play vital roles in our community. We offer special discounts for veterans, active military, teachers, emergency service personnel, and small business owners. *


Kudos to you! You have made one of the most important decisions by choosing to repair your credit! First, complete the sign-up form online, contact us via phone or email to receive your FREE consultation and analysis. During the consultation process, we will discuss your unique situation and how our services could help.


Once enrolling and processing is completed, you will receive access to YOUR secure online portal where you can view account status, correspond with a team member, upload and update information, monitor disputes and view results online.

The Dispute Process

We will dispute all erroneous items with the credit bureaus. If the errors are not corrected within a specific timeframe, a follow up dispute letter will be sent.

We work with all three credit bureaus:

Boost Your Credit Score and Get ​

Remove errors on your credit report that are holding back your credit scores. Sign up today for a free review of all 3 Credit Reports and Scores and find out what’s on your credit and how we can help you repair it.

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